Branding and Public perception are key to a walker’s success. Users will be more inclined to choose you as a walker if you portray yourself as someone who truly has a passion for dogs and will make their dog very happy.

We strongly encourage you to create a personal and relatable profile page. Some features of this include high quality, accurate and varied photos, a detailed description and displaying all your badges.

Most importantly, good customer service goes above and beyond and is guaranteed to get you new clients in public spaces or by word of mouth.

  • Always be honest and upfront with potential clients (Showing you are aware of and can learn from your mistakes is often more reassuring than saying you’ve made no mistakes.)

  • Be sure to never let a conversation distract you from the dog you are looking after at the time.

  • Business cards are really beneficial for this idea, as if you need to attend to your current dog walk, you can kindly inform the potential client that and give them your card to contact you later.

  • By giving them your Dogg referral code on a business card, you will automatically become their preferred walker as well as receiving the referral fee.

  • Always be respectful of other walkers or professionals, avoid enforcing your own or the Dogg code of conduct on others, even if their methods do not align with yours.

  • Respecting the opinion of trainers, vets, groomers and other walkers is important to us and will always be taken into consideration.

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