When interacting with dogs it's crucial to remember the following:

  • Observe: get a judgement of the dog and if they are what you expected before coming in close proximity.

  • Become Acquainted: Spend some time making sure the dog is happy around you and feels comfortable leaving their house with you.

  • Know the home: Be aware of the dog likes to escape and walk themselves. Ensure you are always closing doors behind you and leaving the dog in a secure environment.

  • Positive Reinforcement: We do not tolerate a walker punishing a dog. Gradual pressure to redirect a dog and positive reinforcement is key

  • Know your surroundings: be aware of the spaces you are walking in and the humans and animals in that space. Ensure that the dog you are walking is safe and comfortable as well as ensuring they will not create discomfort for others in the area.

  • Other Animals: Be wary of other animals approaching the dog you are looking after, especially if one is on a leash and one is not. Try to avoid unnecessary interactions to minimise risk.

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