Dogg prides itself on being a safe and trustworthy environment for all things furry.

For owners, we do our very best to ensure they can feel secure in allowing the walkers on our platform to access their pets without compromising security. We aim to provide a secure environment for owners to entrust their dogs and help provide them with higher quality of life in getting the exercise and stimulation they need.

We do this by vetting all the prospective walkers looking to join the Dogg platform. We require all walkers to pass a quiz, ensuring they have the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver a quality of service, as well as completing an ID and police background check.

We further this by continuing to educate our walkers with relevant materials and courses. These resources are public and free to use for owners as well. Our main focus for walkers is identifying their limits.

We ask owners for as much information as possible on their dog(s) to ensure the walkers are fully prepared and know what to expect for each and every walk. In the unlikely event something bad does happen, we have an instant contact service that allows us to rectify any issues as quickly and as stress free as possible.

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